We must recognise that HOSPITAL is not a mere building, but a complex social institution, composed of many groups representing a wide variety of interests and diverse needs. It utilises the services of various Medical, Paramedical and Support personnel to render all needed HEALTHCARE to the patients in its custody and through outreach programs to all, on its medical charge.

It employs a wide variety of modern technologies and engineering services to support the process of Healthcare. It utilises numerous Biological, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Bio-chemical substances -- some of which can produce abnormal and unexpected reactions.

It handles the dynamics of Life and Death situations during the process of rendering Healthcare.

Therefore planning of Hospitals has to be tailored to meet the expectations of the Community, it serves as well as to meet the immediate and long term objectives of the Health Care Plan, it has to serve.

Building a Hospital is one of the most complex problems in Planning, Designing and Construction.

It requires a comprehensive knowledge of Healthcare Delivery Process, the knowledge of all kinds of Hospital Equipments across all Medical Specialities, complete understanding of the Design Process, ability to visualise the spatial arrangements integrated with equipment and personnel, before these are built and the working knowledge of Construction Methodologies.

Before the Architect can draw a single line, he needs to completely understand the requirements of Hospital in terms of Healthcare Delivery, Equipment and all needed Engineering services. And when he has provided the design, the Construction Manager needs to have more details for integrating the Shop Drawings of Equipment with the Floor Plans.

Thus there has to be a fusion of the wide spectrum of organisational skills, professional expertise and diverse interests to create a coherent, organised structure where each provider has adequate freedom to practise his/her skill and at the same time, his/her work compliments the work of others and leads to effective Health Care.

All NOUS Healthcare Plans meet the aspirations of the community within the specified Budgets and provide all needed Healthcare. NOUS plans provide the functional programme based on a multiuse, modular design.

The component modules can be built and commissioned separately yet are complimentary to each other and functionally integrated to provide Healthcare at all stages.

All commissioned NOUS projects have envisioned the forthcoming technologies and provided for its integration.

NOUS Philosophy is to bring stability to programme development, to planning process and to problem solving and to influence the community in a positive manner. It is expressed NOUS philosophy to provide cost effective Healthcare at a cost that the community can afford. At the same time, the NOUS operational systems insure continuous development of the Human resource - on Medical and General Staff.

NOUS Hospital Consultants provide the "Dis-interested party" review to the Planning and Design process and a "Visionary Approach" for Implementation Process.