NOUS Hospital Consultants specialises in Hospitals and Healthcare Projects. We have, to our credit, the programming and planning of more than ninety Healthcare projects, of which seventy three are hospitals. They are not only meeting the objectives of planning but have proved to be capable of meeting the planned and un­-planned additional loads in terms of bed’s service area ratios and service system loads.

These projects are located in various parts of India, viz. New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal Pradesh Gujarat, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, & Chhattisgarh. We have also provided our services for Hospital & Healthcare projects in Republic of Guyana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Zambia, Bangladesh, Sultanate of Oman & erstwhile USSR.

NOUS provides all services from concept to commissioning. We also provide services to various architectural firms for designing the Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Reference Medical Laboratories, Nursing Colleges & Health Spa. We have special expertise in programming Multi use Modular Hospital Buildings & Systems.

We provide Management Consultancy for creating the Business Models for Hospitals & carry out Medical Audits. We develop the Healthcare systems to meet the Healthcare needs of a Community, by providing Comprehensive Healthcare at a cost, that the community can afford.

Our vast experience in creating varied types of Nursing Units and Clinical Support Areas enables us to define the Hospital activity flow, structure the Healthcare delivery process and provide a Functional Plan which is easy to implement & upgrade. We have, over the years, defined the clean and dirty traffic of hospital for design and equipment planning.

We also provide all design parameters for engineering service systems and constantly review these in various Hospitals to enhance the user comfort.

NOUS has special expertise in Medical Equipment selection and installation, especially for clinical support areas, like installation of the Linear Accelerators, Gamma Knife, X Knife, Cobalt Units, Brachy Therapy, Imaging Suites with MRI & CT Scanners; Endoscopy Suites, Molecular Biology Laboratories, PCR Laboratories, etc. We can set up the near Zero Bacteria Operating Rooms, Tissue Repositories, Research Laboratories, Vivarium, etc. We have to our credit, creation of more than 100 mock ups to analyse the problems on full scale models, for ICUs, Operating Rooms, Single & Multi-unit Obstetric Suites, Radiology Suites, special OPDs and literally all functional areas of Hospitals, Medical & Dental Colleges.

NOUS has designed a Burns Cubicle to treat all types and grades of burns in open care concept (Biological Safety Cabinet Concept). The cubicle provides near zero bacteria environment with complete access to patient through barrier nursing. The first cubicle is installed in Jindal Hospital, Raigarh and has been used successfully to treat a 80% burns case. NOUS has set up Validated Animal Houses, Research Laboratories, including BSL-3 Research Laboratories, Skills development Laboratories, Tissue Banks and GMP manufacturing facilities for Genetically Engineered Tissues for implantation.

In NOUS projects, we have started the trend for adding a department of Health Information Technology (HIT) to all our Hospitals since 1995. This is now further augmented by adding a Health Data Exchange. This not only helps in archiving Health Data but also enables programming for Virtual ICU; enables the surgical team to carry out virtual surgery and plan the real surgery in much greater detail. It provides better customisation of HIS, standardise the EMR and the resultant “Trend Analysis” helps the decision support system for clinical & administrative functions thus contributes to development of Intelligent Decision Making System of Hospital. Current.

NOUS projects also have a Hospital wide 24 x 7 call centre. This facilitates all round communications, both internal & external, within the Hospital as well as communication between the patient relatives and Healthcare Providers.

NOUS has, till now, created 4 Medical Colleges, upgraded a premier Postgraduate Teaching Institute, created a Dental College, created 6 Nursing Colleges and planned 4 medical institutes with Medical, Dental and Nursing Colleges. We understand requirements of all regulatory councils of India and can programme a project to meet the statutory requirements.

NOUS has also been associated with structuring Postgraduate Education for Medical Architecture and Healthcare Facility (Building) Management.